Chris Payne

Chris Payne is Corporate Controller at 99designs, a design marketplace that specializes in book cover and book illustration design. In addition to working at 99designs, Chris founded JournalStone Publishing in 2011, where he has published four of his own books and continues to work with award-winning authors such as Adam Nevill, Jonathan Maberry and Christopher Golden.

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Book Cover Design Tips to Attract Readers and Sell Books

It’s nice to think that the most well-written books are the most popular, but we all know that has never been true. And self-publishing has changed the game further; currently, over one million books are being published every year. With that many books available, readers are never going to find your masterpiece unless you find a way to break through the clutter, get people’s attention, and convince them to crack open your book and start reading.

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Book Cover Design Basics

As an author, your book is your baby. Just like a real child, you spend years putting work into it, crafting it into all it can be, and then you’re ready to send it out into the world. But as with your child, you wouldn’t send them out in just any old outfit. You’d send them out dressed for success. 

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