Julie-Ann Harper

Julie-Ann Harper is the founder of the Pick-a-WooWoo Publishing Group and Authors Wish. She has 25 years of experience in publishing, business training, self-publishing workshops and presentations. Julie-Ann is a passionate advocate towards true self-publishing and helping authors to view publishing as a business. With 15 awards in the area of publishing and business she truly walks her talk and is willing to share her knowledge with as many authors as possible, particularly when it comes to self-publishing. She is the co-author of 47 educational titles, two self-published titles, author of five children’s picture books and two traditionally published titles (McGraw Hill).

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DIY Book Marketing Tools

Book marketing tools should be part of your comprehensive marketing plan. A plan based on research, knowing your audience, and monitoring absolutely every marketing component you undertake.

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DIY Self-Publishing Tools to Master the Book Publishing Process

"If you fail to plan you plan to fail." This analogy has been employed across various industries. I would go one step further and say, if you fail to plan you plan to pay too much. No planning causes unnecessary mistakes which in turn cost far more in publishing than publishing itself. 

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How to Format a Book with DIY Design Tools and Services

Design 101 is a book in its own right, not a blog, but to encapsulate its importance in one paragraph...

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DIY Tools and Services to Help You Edit Your Book

No manuscript should reach published form without first being edited by someone other than you. Many self-publishing authors are working with limited budgets, and many will choose to overlook the editing process, but they do so at their peril. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that your writing is so 'spot on' that you don’t need to edit your book; everyone needs to be edited, and the author who believes he or she is the exception to this rule is usually the most in need. If you want your writing to be taken seriously, help ensure that by having it properly edited first.

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DIY Tools and Services to Help You Write Your Book

by Julie-Ann Harper, Managing Director and founder of Pick-a-WooWoo Publishing Group and Authors Wish
Self-publishing is booming and with this transition comes a plethora of organisations worldwide offering author services to writers. But what if your budget doesn't extend to a professional editor, typesetter, cover designer, and so forth? Does this mean your book will not meet industry standards, be of poor quality, or sadly never be published? Absolutely not.

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