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Julie Schoerke

Julie is a public relations expert for JKS Communications with 30 years experience. She specializes in developing winning book publicity campaigns for authors and publishers. Her hallmark is creative campaigns that fit the lifestyle of the author.

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Recent Posts

Tips for Author Events

There are a variety of different author events in which you can participate in order to introduce your book to a new audience. You want to do so in a way that is appropriate to your book and in a way that helps everyone fall in love with your new literary baby. Always consider the genre and storyline of your book when it comes to your author event's venue and activities. Here are a couple of different author events you could consider for your book.

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Planning Your Book Promotion Before You Publish

Technology now gives independently published books quality to equal that of major publishing houses, and there's no reason your book publicity can't be equal too. In fact, in the last 18 months, we've seen that independently published authors have more promotional options available to them than many who go the traditional route because they can react more quickly to changing market trends and make decisions to jump on timely promotions. Here are some things to consider before you publish your book:

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