Kelsey Kloss

Kelsey Kloss is the founder of Malty the Blue Tiger bilingual children's books (available in English and Spanish or English and French), which help kids easily learn new language skills and celebrate every unique voice. She’s also the host of In Plain Language, the podcast presented by Malty the Blue Tiger that gives parents, educators, and language lovers tangible advice on speech and language in kids. Kloss is a former editor for national magazines including Reader's Digest, Good Housekeeping, Woman's Day, Prevention, ELLE Decor, and Redbook.

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How to Self-Publish a Bilingual Children’s Book That Stands Out

Learning a new language is like learning to see the world in a new color: you suddenly notice shades of sounds in rolled r’s and guttural consonants, and potential friendships tucked behind an “hola” or “salut.” That’s why it’s so special when a child has the opportunity to learn another language, especially through a book you write! As language learners embark on this journey, bilingual books can be an incredibly helpful resource for them.

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