Leila Dewji

Leila Dewji is co-founder of I_AM Self-Publishing. She’s used her years of experience within trade publishing to recreate the publishing process for indie authors, ensuring high quality self-publishing to be proud of. As a stickler for quality, she has been encouraging her authors to use the IngramSpark platform since it launched.
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Achieve More by Setting Author Goals

Top authors and entrepreneurs swear by the process of setting and working toward clearly-defined goals. You may think that things like visions and goals are only for the world of business, but the most successful self-published authors today do treat their book publishing like a business. Indie authors are very busy, juggling lots of things; so without a clearly signposted path, it’s easy to get lost. Whatever stage you are at, goals will help you to get more done and be more successful.

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5 Things You Need Before You Print a Book

Self-publishing is a really exciting process. After spending years putting blood, sweat and tears into your book, it can be tempting to rush to the finishing line, but that only leads to mistakes. Some authors don’t realise just how many careful processes are involved once the final draft is complete but before it makes sense to actually print a book.

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