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Mike Onorato

Mike Onorato is Executive Director of Publicity Services for Smith Publicity. Before joining Smith Publicity, Mike began his career at CBS News, then moved on to account management at a major public relations firm. The bulk of his book promotion experience comes from 14 years spent at Wiley, one of the oldest publishing companies in the world, where he began as a book publicist and worked his way up to Associate Director of Publicity.

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Tips for Writing a Galley Letter

Galleys (or ARCs) continue to be a vital step in the book review process, which can help make or break a book. As important as galleys are, the accompanying galley letter is equally important. Knowing how to construct a letter that helps sell your book (what to include and the overall structure) can help your galley/book get noticed and, ultimately, get media coverage and stocked by retailers.

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