Regan Rusnak

Regan Rusnak is a Marketing Specialist for IngramSpark. She holds a degree in marketing from Belmont University and gained industry experience with both traditional and hybrid publishing houses before joining the Spark team. A bibliophile to her core, Regan enjoys educating and empowering authors to get their books into the hands of more readers.

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What Authors Can Learn from the Bestselling Books of 2018

There’s a lot we can learn by taking a look at the year’s bestselling books—both from the books that appear on the list, and from the books that don’t. Publisher’s Weekly shared a list of 2018 bestselling print books in this article, published on January 4th. This list of bestselling books is a great resource for self-published authors to analyze upcoming trends in the publishing industry. In this post, we take a look at 2018's trending book topics and break down some key points you can take away to enhance your writing career.

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Authors Guild Author Salary Survey: What Do the Results Mean for Self-Published Authors?

Earlier this month, The Authors Guild shared the results from their 2018 Authors' Income Survey, leading to buzz around dwindling author salaries. With over 5,000 writers participating in the survey, including some IngramSpark authors, we saw the largest U.S. survey of published authors to date, and the findings have created conversation amongst the book publishing industry. The good news? Self-published author incomes are on the rise! Here are some of our key takeaways from the survey, as well as some tips to help you maximize your self-publishing author salary today.

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