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Savannah Cordova

Savannah Cordova is a writer with Reedsy, a marketplace that connects authors with publishing resources and professionals. In her spare time, Savannah enjoys reading contemporary fiction, writing short stories, and analyzing literary and publishing trends into the ground.

Recent Posts

What Really Makes an Indie Book Successful?

“Success” is a funny concept in the realm of indie publishing. Many authors choose to publish independently precisely because they are uninterested in mainstream success—eye-watering advances, NYT book reviews, etc.—preferring to retain more control over the publishing process and potentially stronger relationships with their readers.

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How to Find New Readers on Social Media in 2024

Authors today are living out the glory days for connectivity. Mere decades ago, readers were writing fan mail to authors’ agents, and authors in turn were responding with handwritten letters expressing their appreciation for reading their books.

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