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Sara Wigal has worked on the agent side, in publishing houses, and with private publicity firms, and brings her varied perspectives about all aspects of an author’s writing career to the team at JKS Communications as a Senior Publicist. A friend to writers both personally and professionally, she enjoys reading most genres and loves channeling her creativity to spread the news about each wonderful book she encounters. Authors are inspired by her ideas and high-octane energy!

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The Author's Role in a Successful Book Publicity Campaign

With any author’s book publicity campaign, there are a few baselines he or she can work from to catapult PR outreach for the book from blasé to butt-kicking. Hiring a top-notch literary publicity firm is only part of the publicity process; the author’s involvement is a crucial component to operating a smooth campaign that results in media attention for the book. Typically, the author who will have the most successful publicity campaign is one who is:

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How to Write an Author Bio

You’ve got your book ready to go, but it’s time to consider the auxiliary writing you must do in order to support the publication of your masterpiece! Now that the writing is “done,” it is time to write your author bio.

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Tips To Make Your Book a Bestseller

Recently, the publishing world has been in a tizzy about the “fixing of the lists” by a now notorious first-time author, Lani Sarem. There is a wonderful summary of all that transpired by Vox writer Constance Grady if you’d like to read the storied background of how this scandal erupted (and you should). This self-published author temporarily tricked The New York Times into bestowing the much-coveted best-seller appellation upon her book (but they later removed Handbook for Mortals from the rankings).

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5 Ways to Promote Your Book

There are so many options these days on how to get your book into the hands of readers. Gone are the days when one single path led to publication, and it can be confusing to wade through the pros and cons of being independently versus traditionally published. One of the ways you can evaluate how to move forward with your manuscript is to think about how you would prefer to promote your book.

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