Justine Bylo

Justine Bylo fulfills her passion for getting independent authors' and publishers' books into the world as IngramSpark’s Key Account Sales Manager. She’s dedicated to innovating cutting edge services to help IngramSpark authors and publishers grow their businesses and expand their flourishing platforms.
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IngramSpark vs CreateSpace

This past year, I have traveled almost 70,000 miles all over the country talking to authors and publishers about getting their books published with IngramSpark. No matter the type of conference, the question I’m most often asked is “What’s the difference between IngramSpark vs CreateSpace?” Both IngramSpark and CreateSpace are DIY, print on demand, indie publishing platforms, so what makes them different?

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Setting a Future On-Sale Date As Part of Your Book Marketing Strategy

Remember the days of Harry Potter mania? Practically every Barnes & Noble, Borders (RIP), and indie bookstore in the country had a release party for the latest J.K Rowling tome. Children, teenagers, and even parents clad in cloaks, crooked plastic glasses, and eyeliner lightning bolts waited for hours to get their hands on a copy of the latest book. I was a fixture in these lines, complete in my Hermione costume. We look back at these midnight literary festivities ten years later as a pop culture touchstone. However, to people in the publishing industry, this is the perfect example of how pre-orders can make your book a success.

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