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Michael F. DuBois and Larissa Farrell

Michael F. DuBois is an artist and storyteller living on Cape Cod, MA, and is the founder and co-owner of Dream of the Woods. He studied film at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and is interested in stories of peace, introspection, and personal growth. You can find him under @michaelfdubois on Instagram.

Larissa Farrell is a lifelong reader and student of literature, as well as co-owner of Dream of the Woods. She has earned degrees from Smith College and Drexel University and is inspired by work that illustrates the beautiful minutiae of everyday life. You can find her under  @larissafdubois on Instagram.

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Self-Publishing a Photo Book

I think all people go through important transitional moments in their lives, and if we’re lucky, during those moments we stumble across tools that help us to find and better understand ourselves. When my mom died just before my final year of art school, I walked head-first into one of those major life-altering periods and my sense of self seemed to have been lost somewhere along the way. But there’s an interesting, and slightly magical, thing that happens when we lose a piece of ourselves — it makes room for new discovery. For me that discovery was poetry, specifically in published, physical form.

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