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Patti Thorn is a Managing Partner at BlueInk Review, a fee-based book review service devoted to self-published titles exclusively. For more news, writing tips, and book marketing help, you can sign up for BlueInk Review's mailing list.

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Crowdsourced Book Reviews vs. Professional Book Reviews

You’ve done the hard work of writing your book. Now it’s time to find out what others think of it. In other words, it’s time to solicit book reviews. Not all book reviews are the same, and in the world of book reviews, there are two options: crowdsourced reviews or professional reviews. Here's the difference between the two.

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Book Review Checklist: What to Do Before Submitting for Review

Getting your book reviewed is beneficial to achieving book sales. A positive review speaks volumes: It tells readers an unbiased third party has read your book and deemed it worthy. It entices readers with a plot description. It gives you instant credibility. But before you send your book off for review, you need to be absolutely sure you’re ready.

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11 Ways to Make the Most of a Professional Book Review

You’ve finished your book and now it’s time for the often-dreaded task of marketing. Where to begin? Step one is to obtain book reviews—and not just the kind your friends and family post on Amazon. While such crowdsourced reviews can be helpful, savvy readers—and more importantly, booksellers, librarians and other industry professionals—will be looking for more credible reviews.

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4 Ways to Make Your Book Cover Design Shine

You’ve written your book and are nearly to the finish line of your indie publishing project. There’s only one thing left to complete: your book cover. You breathe a sigh of relief, certain it’s a simple detail you can wrap up in a few days. Silly you.

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