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Susan Stoker is a New York Times bestselling author who published her first novel in 2014 and has since written over sixty books. She writes contemporary romantic suspense and believes that everyone deserves a HEA. She has her own fan-fiction world with over 100 books written by 80+ authors. You can find more information about her novels and her fan-fiction world at and

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Tips for Writing Fanfiction

Fanfiction is a word that is being bandied about more and more in the publishing industry. But what is it exactly? Fanfiction is basically writing a book in another author’s “world.” You use some of their characters and locations and weave them into your own story. Of course you can’t just write this kind of story and publish it on your own, without the approval and blessing from the original author (you don’t want to be accused of plagiarism or “stealing” another author’s ideas and characters). So how does fanfiction work?

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