Sydney Mathieu

Sydney Mathieu is a digital marketing expert who creates innovative campaigns for author and publisher clients for JKS Communications. She is a well-respected book publicist with a graphic design background that makes authors' visual promotions and social media pop. She focuses much of her time on promoting authors through social media, Amazon SEO, Goodreads support and creatively getting promotional material into the hands of tastemakers.

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Digital Book Marketing vs. Book Publicity

When it comes to book promotion, digital marketing and publicity are often mentioned in the same breath. It’s easy for them to be viewed as the same thing, especially since they both help promote your book and get it in front of readers. However, there are several key differences between digital book marketing vs. book publicity that you should keep in mind as you decide how to promote your book.

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5 Tips for Budgeting Book Promotion

You’ve finally done it! You look at your completed manuscript that’s gone through what feels like a million rewrites and you’re ready to go to print. This is an incredible moment in any author’s career, so take a deep breath and reward yourself. However, you won’t have long to rest. As an indie author, you’re going to need to promote your book, and with approximately a million books published per year, this can be a very daunting task. There are people who specialize in book publicity that can help you along the way, but here are a few tips to help you start planning.

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Goodreads Tips for Indie Authors

Goodreads is a platform for book lovers to interact with each other, post book reviews, recommend books, track their yearly reading goals, and other bookish things. Unlike other social media platforms, everyone on Goodreads loves and reads books, and as an author, getting good reviews on Goodreads helps generate more readers. This platform is often new to authors when they’re releasing their first book, so the question authors often ask is, “What can I do to stand out on Goodreads?”

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Why Should Authors Care About Digital Marketing?

One of the biggest challenges for indie authors is getting their book in front of readers. There are millions of books published every year, and unless you’re very famous independently of your book, odds are that you’re nervous about how to get people interested. That’s where digital marketing comes in. You’ve probably heard this term before, especially as you travel down the road of independent publishing. You’re probably asking questions like: What does digital marketing entail? How does it get books in front of readers? And how could it work for me?

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