See How Self-Publishing Got Sexy: The New IngramSpark Website

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

After countless hours poring over code and a few gallons of coffee consumed while getting the structure just right we finally did it. The new IngramSpark Website is here — the same professional-grade self-publishing services with a fresh new look, improved navigation, and added resources.

A lot of the new elements you’ll find are a result of valuable user feedback (Go ahead, pat yourself on the back), combined with perceived changes in the landscape of self-publishing. Overall, we wanted to make IngramSpark more easily navigable so self-publishers could find the information they need with no problems. This meant completely reorganizing the Website in a way that reflected the self-publishing process, creating a stronger focus on the customer experience, and adding even more helpful tools.

For a better picture of these exciting new changes, we’ve broken the new IngramSpark down into its respective new sections.

Welcome to the New IngramSpark Website

The sections listed here are either new additions, or places we’ve expanded upon. Nothing has been taken away from the old version, just reorganized so we can better guide you down the path to self-publishing prowess.

Plan Your Book — To find out what kind of books you can publish with IngramSpark, look no further than the Plan Your Book section. Here you can see just how many products we offer including:

  • An extensive selection of print and digital formats.
  • Flexible publishing options fit for whatever genres you can imagine.
  • More variety in cover, paper, trim, and color printing options.
  • Important details covering file creation for print and online publishing.

Whatever book type you choose, we want to make it clear that we offer a perfect solution.

How it Works — Self-publishers are intrepid explorers, embarking on what can be a new and intimidating journey. The How it Works section covers IngramSpark’s self-publishing process from start to finish, breaking it down into clearly defined steps including:

  • Prepare – New indie author or seasoned self-publisher, we make sure you get off to a strong start.
  • Self-publish – A review of the publishing options IngramSpark offers — print on demand and digital.
  • Distribute – Covers the ins-and-outs of global distribution with IngramSpark.
  • Promote – This is where we show you how to reach more readers and sell more books.
  • Manage – Self-publishing is a business and business never sleeps, so we make it easier to manage all your titles in one place.

All the info you need to begin and end your self-publishing journey with success, right here.

Resources — For those who want to get the most out of IngramSpark and publish like a true pro, Resources has you covered. This section includes tools you need to use and publishing friends of ours you have to meet. You’ll find links to:

  • Friends of ours who offer editing, book design, crowd funding, marketing, and review services.
  • File creation guides that will ensure you have ZERO problems uploading PDFs or EPUBs.
  • Self-publishing calculators so you can figure the cost-value benefit of publishing with IngramSpark.
  • Templates and other self-publishing guides designed keep you moving in the right direction.

Easy access to ALL the benefits publishing with IngramSpark offers.

Blog — That’s right! A fancy new blog full of fancy self-publishing tips and tricks from the pros. Fresh content available on a regular basis—from industry news to trends in pricing to new self-publishing best practices. Plus, we have dedicated space to featuring up-and-coming indie authors…this could be you!

Help — Last, but certainly not least, is a newly reimagined Help section. Whether you DIY or prefer a more personal touch, we’ve organized the Help section so that you can find exactly the type of support you need, plus all of our contact info in one spot.

Redesigned for Self-publishers By Self-publishers

So there you have it!

Our entire approach to redesigning the Website was founded on the idea that you work hard creating your content, so we should work even harder to help you do more with it.

We know it’s a lot to take in. And in all honesty this write up doesn’t do it justice. There’s only one way to get the full-on, newly redesigned IngramSpark experience and that is to try it yourself. So take a look around and start publishing like a pro today!

IngramSpark Staff

Hi there! It's your friendly IngramSpark staff here, happily sharing a wealth of publishing knowledge with people from all walks of the self-publishing biz.