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Book Metadata Tips for Indie Authors

So what's the deal with metadata? The answer for indie authors, self-publishers, and those who publish other people's books is that metadata is how readers find your book. It can't be read if it can't be found, right? Book metadata is all the searchable information, including title, genre, author, and more, that readers use to find your book and make their next book purchase. Whether looking for a book in the library, a local bookstore, or online, readers depend on good book metadata to find their next read.

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Announcing Go Publish Yourself: An IngramSpark Self-Publishing Podcast

We’ve launched a new self-publishing podcast called Go Publish Yourself! We couldn’t be more excited to get to connect with you in this way and are thrilled to add a podcast to the free resources we offer to indie authors all over the world.

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The Self-Publishing Landscape 2017-2018

The end of any year presents a unique opportunity to combine reflection with forward thinking, and 2018 is no exception. Whether you're beginning a new novel, writing a book marketing plan for an existing book, or working on any aspect of your self-publishing journey, now is the time to examine the self-publishing landscape at the conclusion of 2017 and prepare accordingly for 2018. Here's what we saw and predict! 

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15 Attainable New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

The beginning of the year is here and with it comes the drive to make positive changes in our lives. New Year’s resolutions can sometimes be a bit vague or lofty, but this list of specific action items offers simple ways for you to achieve more with your writing, planning, and overall approach to self-publishing a book in 2018. Check out our 15 New Year’s Resolutions for writers.

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What to Include on Your Author Questionnaire

Your author questionnaire is an important part of your overall book marketing strategy. It's a document that describes essential information about your title, book cover, marketing plans, book description, comparative titles, and beyond. Author questionnaires help you define your book to retailers and focus your efforts on what's most important. Here's what you should include on your author questionnaire.

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What to Include in Your Book Marketing Strategy

When you decide to self-publish a book, you are signing up for all the duties a traditional publisher would typically take on. That means you not only have to write a great book but you also have to take on the job of marketing it. Where do you begin? You construct a book marketing strategy and forge ahead step by step! Here are a few key elements for a good marketing strategy.

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Thanksgiving for Authors

Thanksgiving in the United States is a time to reflect and celebrate the things in your life that you're grateful for, and many celebrate by going around the table to share what it is they're giving thanks for this year. We did something similar, here at IngramSpark, and shared why we're thankful for authors. Here are a few of ours; feel free to share with us what authors have done for you over on our Twitter or Facebook page!

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Book Distribution with IngramSpark

One of the major benefits of using IngramSpark to self-publish your book is the distribution that is made available to indie authors. When you self-publish with IngramSpark, you have access to one of the publishing industry’s largest global print and ebook distribution networks which makes opportunities to sell your books that much greater.

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5 Tips for Front Book Cover Design

Even before you are ready to publish your book, you have likely thought about how you want your front cover to look. However, before you can decide on the right book cover design you should have a complete and polished manuscript in front of you. Whether you design the cover and select a binding type yourself or work with a professional, you might want to become familiar with industry standards and guidelines, and take advantage of free tips offered by the experts. After all, the ultimate goal is to get your book into the hands of receptive readers who will be watching and waiting for your next book!

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9 Tips for Interior Book Design

Your interior book design is critical when it comes to making your book presentable and, even more important, readable. Some of the most common mistakes authors and publishers make when it comes to interior book design include omitting hyphens, incorrect margin size, imperfect justification, and allowing widow/orphan lines of text. Designing a book's interior might not seem like as much fun as choosing a book cover design, but it can be if you approach it in steps and follow a few practical guidelines.

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