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Scott La Counte is the CEO of BuzzTrace, which helps authors and publishers discover new readers and sell more books. He has over 15 years experience in publishing as both an author and publisher. Writing under the name Scott Douglas, he has had several bestselling books.

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Do Self-Published Authors Need Literary Agents?

A literary agent can be an author's best friend. They know how to get you the best book contract and ensure that there’s nothing in the language that will hurt you. They also can help get your book in front of the right editors. All of that is nice if you are planning on traditionally publishing your book, but what if you want to publish the book yourself? Should you hire an agent? It’s not a requirement, but it’s certainly an option.

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Phishing for Books

You’ve probably heard of people who have been fooled into giving sensitive information (such as social security and credit card numbers); email is a common way to do this and setting up a bogus website is another. In both cases, the fraudulent scheme is called phishing (pronounced fishing). Spammers will use just about anything to fool somebody into handing over their personal information, and that can include, unfortunately, using your book.  

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How to Develop a Content Strategy for Authors

We live in a world where content is king. Businesses know one of the most important pieces of information they need to have is their content strategy. Without one, how are people going to find out about your business? Successful authors are not just people who write wellthey’re people who think of their writing career as a business. Like any successful business, authors need a content strategy.

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8 Social Media Goals for Authors

Authors spend the majority of their working time away from other people, so when you finish your book and discover that part of promoting it means you have to be social, you might be a little confused. The first thing you should think about is this: you probably didn’t just finish your book without having goals. You should apply this principle of having goals to your social media marketing, as well. Below are 8 daily/weekly social media goals you should have to get started. Don’t let the number scare you! These are quick goals and require a daily time investment of no more than 10 to 20 minutes.

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How the Latest Facebook Changes Affect Authors

Facebook usually updates the code on their website twice a day. That’s a lot of updating! Most of the time, you probably don’t notice the changes. Often the changes are to the way your news feed works—but, again, you probably don’t even notice. While these changes may seem small and unnoticeable, they can have a huge impact on author pages. Such was the change this past January.

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Boosting Posts on Facebook: When, What, and How to Promote Your Book

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Facebook can help you sell more books. But it’s not as simple as posting a message to your followers. What you may not realize is that not everyone who follows you will see what you have posted. If you have, for instance, 20,000 followers and post something on your page, only a small percentage of them will actually see the message. Boosting posts on Facebook helps you reach more than that tiny percent.

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6 Ways to Make Sure Your Social Media Is Holiday Ready

The holidays are here, but you’d hardly know it from the social media marketing of most authors. Instead of using this time of year as a way of generating more sales, some authors assume it’s business as usual. Sprucing up your social media with the holidays in mind can help make sure your books show up on readers' wish lists.

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The Art of the Giveaway

There’s a great debate: does giving content away actually get people to spend money? Maybe not immediately, but giveaways are part of a longer lead cycle and a great step for nurturing your readers into customers. You should definitely do a giveaway—but you have to do it right. Here are some tips to get you on the right track.

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Facebook Tips for Indie Authors

You posted a photo of your dog on Facebook and all your friends liked it—building a Facebook page to promote your book to fans should be easy, right? Wrong! While your Facebook fan page may look the same and even function the same, the content and mission is completely different. You aren’t talking to your close friends and family, you are talking to over one billion potential viewers, because unlike your personal Facebook page, your fan page is public and a vehicle of your social media marketing. Here are some tips to point you in the right direction.

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Instagram for Authors

It’s easy to tell a story with words—but pictures? What is a writer supposed to do with Instagram? Should it merely be a tool to post cats getting in the way of your writing by sitting on your keyboard? Perhaps. But if you want to use Instagram as a way of connecting with your readers, here are a few things to remember.

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