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IngramSpark Title Availability

Using Ingram’s distribution network makes your title available for order to over 39,000 bookstores, online retailers, libraries, and schools. Through our relationship, we send title data feeds and availability status of your title to them. Each retail channel partner makes the decision whether to make a title available and how to display the availability of a title. We are pleased that most retailers, like Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Indigo, Books-A-Million, and hundreds of others, reflect an “In Stock / Available” status for your print-on-demand titles, which is an accurate representation of your immediate title availability through us.

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Why We Love Books and Authors

On this day, internationally recognized as a day dedicated to expressing our love for one another, we on the IngramSpark team would like to write a little love note to our first love: books. And you can't have books without authors, so this one's for you too, authors! We love books so much that we decided to make careers out of helping authors create them and share them with the world. We believe in the power and value of books (above all) and the magic that authors create every time they publish one, but on a more personal level, this is why we love books and authors:

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File Requirements for Print Books

Before your print content can be sold, it must first be uploaded into a portal so that it can be processed, printed, and then distributed. There are a few rules that must be followed to ensure the successful processing of your content. Avoid paying a revision fee to fix unnecessary mistakes by using the below guidelines to get it right the first time.

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What’s Your Self-Publishing IQ: Take the Self-Publishing Quiz

New formats. New technologies. New business trends. Self-publishing is a quickly growing and highly progressive business where there’s a great deal to know in order to be successful. Very few are experts at absolutely every aspect of book publishing and only when you know where you have room to improve, can you actually do so. That’s why we created this short self-publishing quiz—an easy way to give aspiring and veteran self-publishers alike a better idea of where they stand in the current self-publishing spectrum.

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6 Things to Consider Before Publishing Your NaNoWriMo Book

All of November you were on the clock to complete your book for NaNoWriMo. If you succeeded (WOW!) you're basically a superstar. Congrats! And after you spent an entire month lovingly crafting the perfect manuscript we know you’re eager to get it published. 

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Publishing Terms Every Self-Publisher Should Know

If you intend to make a business out of self-publishing a book, be sure you understand the key elements to the book publishing process. Once you have an understanding of these basic publishing terms, you’ll be more prepared to succeed in this business we call the book business.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers Wanting to Print a Book in 2017

Be a nicer person. Paint a self-portrait. Shake the dust from that copy of “Sweatin’ to the Oldies, Vol. 3.” We probably can’t help with any of those, but for New Year's resolutions for writers and independent publishers who want to print a book (or several) this year, we have a few good suggestions. 

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How to Set Up Interior Bleed for Your Book

“Interior bleed” probably sounds like what happens on your favorite medical program when someone has an internal injury, however, bleeding is not something that only concerns the medical profession. Interior bleed gives your book a much more professional look and increases overall sales, and you can set it up yourself.

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Book Distribution for Indie Authors

So you've penned your masterpiece, published it, and have a solid marketing campaign in place, but how do you plan to distribute your book? Navigating the choppy waters of distribution can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools, finding a means to distribute your book is a lot easier than it sounds. Here are some popular ways to circulate your work.

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Digital Book World Indie Author Conference

On January 19, 2017, for the first time ever, one of the world’s largest digital content publishing conferences has added an entire day that focuses on the continued success of independent publishing. The Digital Book World Indie Author Conference is a day full of opportunities to learn from successful independent authors and industry thought leaders. 

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