Why We Love Books and Authors

On this day, internationally recognized as a day dedicated to expressing our love for one another, we on the IngramSpark team would like to write a little love note to our first love: books. And you can't have books without authors, so this one's for you too, authors! We love books so much that we decided to make careers out of helping authors create them and share them with the world. We believe in the power and value of books (above all) and the magic that authors create every time they publish one, but on a more personal level, this is why we love books and authors:

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See How Self-Publishing Got Sexy: The New IngramSpark Website

After countless hours poring over code and a few gallons of coffee consumed while getting the structure just right we finally did it. The new IngramSpark Website is here — the same professional-grade self-publishing services with a fresh new look, improved navigation, and added resources.

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