7 Social Media Tips for Authors

Social media writer’s block. It’s a thing! You have no problem hammering away at an 80,000 word novel, but when it comes to a 140 character tweet? Forget about it! You end up posting about what you had for dinner or what you did during the day, and nobody seems to be listening . . . or following. If that sounds like you, then these seven social media tips are just what you need.

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How to Write a Good Book Description

There are several things to consider in order to help your book achieve it's greatest potential discoverability. Readers, librarians, and retailers can't purchase a book they can't find, and your title metadata is responsible for whether or not your book pops up when they type in search terms relevant to your book. Because of this, writing a good book description isn't just about telling readers what your book's about once they find it; it's about telling search engines what search queries your book could answer so that they actually can find it.

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What’s Your Self-Publishing IQ: Take the Self-Publishing Quiz

New formats. New technologies. New business trends. Self-publishing is a quickly growing and highly progressive business where there’s a great deal to know in order to be successful. Very few are experts at absolutely every aspect of book publishing and only when you know where you have room to improve, can you actually do so. That’s why we created this short self-publishing quiz—an easy way to give aspiring and veteran self-publishers alike a better idea of where they stand in the current self-publishing spectrum.

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