Ebooks vs Print Books

The ebooks vs print books debate is a very popular one within the publishing industry. There are loyalists on both sides. There are people who believe that print books are dead (which they've said for years now . . . definitely not dead; very far from dead). And with a normalization in ebook sales, some are saying it's time to ditch the digital format (also false). We believe in both formats and here's why.

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File Requirements for eBooks

Before your electronic content can be sold, it must first be uploaded into a portal so that it can be processed and then distributed to online retailers. There are a few rules that must be followed to ensure the successful processing of your content with IngramSpark. 

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The Right Time to Make Your E-Book Free

by Jane Friedman (@JaneFriedman), The Hot Sheet
First-time and career authors alike will often ask if and when they should make their e-books available for free. “When’s the right time to do it?”

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Build the Right E-book Pricing Strategy

by Phil Ollila, Chief Content Officer of Ingram Content Group 
What are effective e-book pricing strategies in today’s book business? Based on trends we observe at Ingram Content Group from both publishers and readers, we think about three general segments for e-books: entertainment value, education value and marketing value.

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How to Use an E-book to Promote Your Next Print Book

Have you published a book before, either independently or through a traditional publisher, and are looking for a way to build a strong readership for your next title? Self-publishing is a great way to promote your new book, even if you plan to use a traditional publisher in the future.

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Ebook Formatting: How to Create Standard, Text-Heavy Ebooks

If you’re on track to creating a text-heavy ebook, you’ll need to know the basic programs, options, and helpful tools available to you.

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Ebook Formatting: How to Create Complex, Full-Color Ebooks

Creating an ebook isn’t as hard as it sounds. You don’t need to compose a query letter, secure a literary agent, or cut through miles of a traditional publisher’s red tape before the book is released to the world. You can create an ebook from the comfort of your officeor couchwith the right tools, information, and help from the experts. Here’s are some ebook formatting tips:

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