The Right Time to Make Your E-Book Free

by Jane Friedman (@JaneFriedman), The Hot Sheet
First-time and career authors alike will often ask if and when they should make their e-books available for free. “When’s the right time to do it?”

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Build the Right E-book Pricing Strategy

by Phil Ollila, Chief Content Officer of Ingram Content Group 
What are effective e-book pricing strategies in today’s book business? Based on trends we observe at Ingram Content Group from both publishers and readers, we think about three general segments for e-books: entertainment value, education value and marketing value.

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How to Use an E-book to Promote Your Next Print Book

Have you published a book before, either independently or through a traditional publisher, and are looking for a way to build a strong readership for your next title? Self-publishing is a great way to promote your new book, even if you plan to use a traditional publisher in the future.

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How to Create Standard, Text-Heavy E-books

If you’re on track to creating a text-heavy e-book, you’ll need to know the basic programs, options, and helpful tools available to you.

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How to Create Complex, Full-Color E-Books

Creating an e-book isn’t as hard as it sounds. You don’t need to compose a query letter, secure a great agent, or cut through miles of a publisher’s red tape before the book is released to the world. You can create e-books from the comfort of your office – or couch – with the right tools, information, and help from the experts. Here’s how:

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