Setting a Future On-Sale Date As Part of Your Book Marketing Strategy

Remember the days of Harry Potter mania? Practically every Barnes & Noble, Borders (RIP), and indie bookstore in the country had a release party for the latest J.K Rowling tome. Children, teenagers, and even parents clad in cloaks, crooked plastic glasses, and eyeliner lightning bolts waited for hours to get their hands on a copy of the latest book. I was a fixture in these lines, complete in my Hermione costume. We look back at these midnight literary festivities ten years later as a pop culture touchstone. However, to people in the publishing industry, this is the perfect example of how pre-orders can make your book a success.

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DIY Book Marketing Tools

Book marketing tools should be part of your comprehensive marketing plan. A plan based on research, knowing your audience, and monitoring absolutely every marketing component you undertake.

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What’s Your Self-Publishing IQ: Take the Self-Publishing Quiz

New formats. New technologies. New business trends. Self-publishing is a quickly growing and highly progressive business where there’s a great deal to know in order to be successful. Very few are experts at absolutely every aspect of book publishing and only when you know where you have room to improve, can you actually do so. That’s why we created this short self-publishing quiz—an easy way to give aspiring and veteran self-publishers alike a better idea of where they stand in the current self-publishing spectrum.

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Authors Crediting Authors: Help Your Fellow Writers

As authors advance in their skill and understanding of social media and marketing, one of the things that seems to come curiously late for some is a question of credit—crediting authors, or each other, that is. At times, I’ve used the hashtag #creditwriters to try to help folks remember this simple courtesy. Help your fellow writers.

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Authors: Cut the Competition!

by Nancy L. Baumann
I don’t know about you, but I’m really tired of everything in life being so competitive. Whether you’re applying for a job or hunting for a parking spot, it’s like a battle zone out there!

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